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Weird With Cats

Weird With Cats is a 4 piece Indie-Alternative band from Ottawa, Ontario. Made up of a mix of long-time friends, as well as new friends, Weird With Cats has evolved from a light-hearted folk band to a punch-you-in-the-teeth rock band.  Weird With Cats has quietly been building a steady following in Ottawa, creating a buzz that is hard to ignore. The band has played small clubs and venues in the city, and have opened for many established artists, including Frontier Ruckus, Jon & Roy, Zeus, Cuff The Duke and Pokey Lafarge. Weird With Cats has also gained critical acclaim from winning the Radio Star Song-writing contest in Ottawa in 2013, presented by Bell Media, for their song “List”. The band released its first EP, “What She Wants Me To See” in 2012, and followed that up with the 2013 release of the EP “Yah Ra Hooray”. After a couple of stops and starts, Weird With Cats is finally cruising at top speed. Fresh off of their CD Baby Showcase at Canadian Music Week 2017, the guys are currently putting the finishing touches on their first EP in 4 years. 

The good folks over at CKDJ 107.9 FM (Ottawa) spoke to Matt recently about the band. Check out the interview here! Like us on Facebook for more! https:/


Mistaken For Brothers

Not quite brothers, not always lovers. Mistaken For Brothers are three guys who won't ever forget to show up to the party you didn't invite them too. A musical partnership formed from the understanding that they all like to be in bed by 9pm, they tend to write songs that sound like the early afternoon. M4B is unmistakably themselves, though never managing to be ever quite the same thing twice.

From the first EP. Copyright Mistaken For Brothers 2015


Matt Vagrant

Matt Vagrant, front-man for Weird With Cats, solo artist, and one-half of the duo Mistaken For Brothers, is one of the more prolific songwriters in Ottawa today. With 4 EPs released within the last 3 years between all 3 projects, Matt has been writing original music for over a decade. With a voice echoing traces of Neil Young and Thom Yorke, and a unique lyrical style that places reality and fantasy within close proximity, Matt's music invokes a sense of travelling and adventure mixed with dark themes from his own perspective. His narratives effortlessly invoke feelings of loss and renewal, campfire stories that he injects with his own wry humour, a by-product of having lived or else conceived of such experiences. 

To invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed...and I think you'll be happier for the trouble.- Bill Watterson.

Matt Vagrant is an Ottawa based singer/songwriter. Produced by Mike Poisson Copyright 2015

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This Guy Fawkes

"'Member the 5th of November? Ooh yeah, I 'member! 'Member the Gunpowder Plot? Oh yeah, I 'member the Gunpowder Plot."


**We're not really sure what the deal is here. To be honest, we're not sure who is making this music. They just emailed us, and asked to help them out. So we're going to help them out. To check out the Facebook page we made for This Guy Fawkes, click here.  - HFWR MGMT