INTERVIEW - Andrew Cassara (RBC Bluesfest 2018 Series)



Q: How long have you been performing? How long have you been performing with your band?

A: I've been performing for a couple years now and with my band I've also been performing
for about 2 and half years now. I used to perform live with tracks and a some dancers but I really felt that for the type of music I make, the show experience needed the energy of a full band.

Q: Describe the sound of your music.

A: I love pop music and I think that translates into the records. These days I like to fuse disco & funk in the songs. I think it's the type of music that everyone can enjoy.

Q: Have you released any new material recently? If not, do you have anything on the way?

A: I've recently released a new single called Fever and we're working on a music video for the song. Also, I'm 6 songs into an album at the moment so I'm pretty stoked to release all this new music into the world.

Q: It's going be a hot and sweaty festival, once again! How do you plan on keeping cool while on stage?

A: Water is going to be my best friend for this show. I hope that all the people in the audience at all the shows make sure to stay hydrated as well!

Q: Musically, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?

A: This summer I'm definitely focusing on this album I'm working on and also fine tuning our show for when we bring the experience to the festivals we're playing in Sweden & South Korea in the fall.

Q: What local artists are you listening to right now that other people should check out?

A: These past few months, I've been really digging Elijah Woods X Jamie fine's music. I'm really proud to see that more Ottawa artists are starting to get notoriety on a national & international scale. I think the next few years ahead of us will be very exciting for Ottawa artists. There's some great organizations such as OMIC that are really pushing boundaries to give resources to creators that we've never had before and connecting great mentors with students to teach and inspire those that are getting started. It's an amazing initiative.






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