Moonfruits - RBC Bluesfest 2019 Interview

Sunday July 7, 2019 - 5:00 PM - Barney Danson Theatre

Written by Matt Francis


When conducting interviews for these articles this year we asked every band what local acts they were most excited to check out this year, and without a doubt, the most common and enthusiastic answer was… MOONFRUITS!

Moonfruits are Alex Millaire, and Kaitlin Milroy, who with great joy will be bringing their supernatural show to Bluesfest today.

“We play art-folk in French and English with myself on voice, banjo, and acoustic guitar plugged into a bunch of pedals; and Kait on voice, kalimba, glockenspiel, shaker and other primary school instruments. Now that we're not playing in the street so much, we've taken our music in a more sensitive and intimate direction, though we admittedly still get loud. Our show mixes song and storytelling in what we hope in our best moments is a seamless way, where we keep folks in the same dream with us from start to finish.”

Having been together since 2013, Moonfruits have been developing their craft for sometime now, and working at it full-time for the last three years have made them very busy people.

“We had our first VIA Rail Artists On Board experience at the beginning of the year, playing on the rails from Toronto to Vancouver and back, taking in copious meals and imposingly beautiful scenes of our gigantic country, and doing three weeks of dates on the west coast with our friend Sarah Osborne, a beautiful songwriter based in Victoria. We were only home for a few weeks before getting packed up again with another couple and duo, Piper & Carson, with all our gear in a Subaru Crosstrek and heading east for another three weeks of dates.”

With the live story-telling aspect of their live show, Alex and Kaitlin were very excited to find out that not only were they playing Bluesfest this year, but that they had also lucked into a spot in the beautiful Barney Danson Theatre. While at the festival they, like the rest of us, have some local and not-so-local favourites they can’t wait to check out.

“We're so chuffed to share the festival stage with our friends Outside I'm A Giant, Marie-Clô, The Split, and, though they're definitely not local, William Prince, Elisapie and Rodrigo y Gabriela.”

Moonfruits have a busy summer coming up as they get ready to start work on new material, a follow up to 2017’s Ste-Quequepart, before they take off to play at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in August.

You can see Moonfruits playing as a trio tonight (Sunday, July 7th) with friend and double bass player Toby Meis in the Barney Danson Theatre from 5 to 6PM. Follow their comings and goings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @moonfruitsmusic, and their website

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Adam Moore