Beard Oil

Beard Oil


Weird With Cats has teamed up with Red&BrothersBeardCo to bring you their very own line of Beard Oil.

"Go ahead, rub us all over your face!"

Here is what people have been saying about the Whisker Oil (We assure you, these people exist. We know first-hand):

“Weird With Cats beard oil will take you from house cat to jungle puma. It keeps my beard glimmering and shiny, but not oily. Soaks in, dries quick, and lasts all day. Best part is the smell… like eucalyptus and sawdust. It helps me to channel my inner Viking and keep my beard game strong.” – Geordie W.

“This is the quint-essential everyday beard oil. The aromas are light and it gives the beard a healthy look and feel. Other products leave the beard oily; Weird With Cats oils absorbs well and keeps a great shine. The build in dropper is sweet as it helps to avoid against spillage. Well done!” –Madeep M.

“This stuff is the $hit! I don’t think I could get my day started without a quick 4 drops. Keeps the man mane nice and smooth; hell I even use it in my chest hair!” – Skyler M.

“My beard is patchy as hell. Weird With Cats/ Red Bros Beard Oil took me from patchy to classy. Goes on smooth, keeps my beard looking slick as f*ck.” –Sebastien A.

“Not only is this one of the best absorbing beard oils I have used from an absorption perspective, I appreciate that everything is natural and organic. I have used other oils in the past that have been way too overbearing scent wise, this nice light scent keeps you feeling fresh without overdoing it. The product was so good, I went through the bottle quickly as I couldn’t stop putting it on. I would recommend to anyone looking to keep their beard game godly.” –Jeff G.

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