New Spotify Playlist - Ottawa's Finest

Good News, Everyone!


We've created a new playlist on Spotify, featuring some of the best bands Ottawa has to offer! Each week, Matt and I will add a few bands that we like to the playlist. It will never, ever stop growing. I'm guessing the total number of songs will be close to 1000 by the end of 2017. If you have any suggestions, comment away! We'll add 'em to the 'list!

Here are the bands I went ahead and included in playlist, to start things off:

Average Times

The Balconies


Brea Lawrenson

Blve Hills

The Lionyls

New Swears

No Fuss

Potential Red




Suits N Toques

Tariq Anwar

We Were Sharks

Weird With Cats

You can find the playlist here:

That's all for now!

- Adam, CEO, Head For West Records