INTERVIEW - TAPAS (RBC Bluesfest 2018 Series)


TAPAS burst onto the scene in a BIG way in 2017, and haven't slowed down one bit. We caught up with Jeepz, who told us how the group came to be and what their plans are for the rest of 2018! Check out the interview below!


Q: How long has your group been together?

A: G.Grand and Jeepz first started working together in 2011 and eventually met Cheko Salaam through Ottawa's music scene.  The first TAPAS collaboration was called "Give 'em a Show" which was a G.Grand song that Cheko featured on,  The creative chemistry felt natural, and we got to work on what became TAPAS shortly after, in 2015.

Q: Describe the sound of your music.

A: Our sound balances lyricism with a mix of contemporary and boom bap production that bridges rap’s generation gap.  808s and the low-end theory collide on the beats made by Jeepz, and G.Grand and Cheko Salaam are well-known in the city as true wordsmiths and masters of the pen game.  We pay homage to Hip-Hop while pushing it forward.  TAPAS is for the old heads and the young bucks.  

Q: Have you released any new material recently? If not, do you have anything on the way?

A: We released our debut album last November (self-titled - available on all streaming platforms).  We're currently working on the second project.  G.Grand is slated to release his 4th solo album this summer, and Cheko Salaam also has a solo project that is near completion and should be out by the fall. Jeepz will be releasing his 69th beat tape in July.  

Q: It's going be a hot and sweaty festival, once again! How do you plan on keeping cool while on stage?

A: Hydration is always the key.. And extra towels.  TAPAS do put on very high-energy shows, so we'll make sure everyone in the crown works up a sweat.

Q: What are your group's plans for the rest of the summer?

A: Once Bluesfest is over, we'll shift our focus to promoting the upcoming solo albums and keep recording material for the next group project.  Gotta keep it moving.

Q: What local artists are you listening to right now that other people should check out?

A: Buck-n-Nice and Missing Linx both released dope projects this year.  

Q: Where can people find you online? 





Photo by: Ming Wu

Photo by: Ming Wu

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