INTERVIEW - Kimberly Sunstrum (RBC Bluesfest 2018 Series)


We had a chance to talk to Ottawa's Kimberly Sunstrum about her favourite local acts, her post-bluesfest plans, and a lot more! Check out the interview below!

Q: How long have you been performing? How long have you been performing with your band?

A: I've been performing my whole life! I've always had a flare for the dramatics! As a child I was disturbingly good at putting on the water works when the need arose. Especially when it came to eating my vegetables or going to bed! Musically, I've been performing for about 9 years now. I made the wise and terrifying decision to pursue music full time about 3 years ago and, touch wood, I'm not starving too much so far! I've been performing with my band for about a year now. They are a collection of wildly talented local Ottawa musicians who I'm extraordinary proud to call my band fam!


Q: Describe the sound of your music.

A: It's a difficult task to try to describe the sound of my own music. I would love to describe it as totally cowabunga but feel that lacks depth and comprehension. So I guess I could describe it as a fusion of Soul, RnB, and acoustic Folk.


Q: Have you released any new material recently? If not, do you have anything on the way?

A: I released my first official full length album titled "The Kid The Wall & The Box" in May of 2017. It's available on iTunes, Spotify and pretty much all the music streaming platforms. I'll have physical copies with me at Bluesfest as well! I'm currently working on my second official full length album - title is still up in the air - suggestions are welcome! BUT I will be releasing an early release single from my upcoming album on my Bandcamp page on July 7th - the day of my Bluesfest performance! A little sneak peak if you will.


Q: It's going be a hot and sweaty festival, once again! How do you plan on keeping cool while on stage?

A: Since I am half Motswana and spent the majority of my upbringing in different parts of Africa I can safely say I love the heat! I have absolutely no plans of "keeping cool"! The hotter the better, let me sweat to my heart is content!


Q: Musically, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?

A: Fortunately, this summer is absolutely filled with musical shenanigans for me! I like to be and stay busy! After Bluesfest, I will be submerging myself in the studio to finish this second album. My aim is to release it by the end of July. I am also extremely excited to be performing with my full band in this years Capital Pride event after the parade. As a Queer woman of colour getting to be involved with pride is really important and rewarding for me. And then in September I will be embarking on an Eastern Ontario tour with London singer-songwriter Laura Gagnon.


Q: What local artists are you listening to right now that other people should check out?

A: I listen to and support a BUNCH of local artists! Ottawa is packed with outrageously talented musicians who I look up to and who keep me on my toes as well. OK to name drop a few I'm currently rocking out to: Julie Corrigan, King Kimbit, Catriona SturtonRita Carter, Outside I'm a Giant...I mean I could really go on! There's something in the water in Ottawa and it's pumping out some sustenance for artistry!





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