Kyle Ivan - RBC Bluesfest 2019 Interview


Sunday July 14, 2019 - 5:00 PM - City Stage

Written by Matt Francis


When you first hear Kyle Ivan, or more importantly hear Kyle Ivan your immediate thought might not be power chords aplenty, screeching vocals, and hard rock, but everybody starts somewhere.

            “I got my first guitar when I was 13, Jay Turser knockoff Strat. That was also the year I saw my first concert AC/DC. Spent the year trying to become Angus Young.”

            These days Kyle is taking a more laid-back approach, singing and playing folk-pop gems solo, and more recently with a band. 2019 has been a wild ride of a year so far for Kyle and it looks to stay that way after Bluesfest. 

“2019 started with a long 2-day drive back from PEI. Just wrapped up my "Tour To See Joel Plaskett" which brought myself, Chris Zimmerman, Christine Jakel, and Charlie The Kid on a small tour through a few East Coast provinces.”

Along with a second tour in April, Kyle released a cover of Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen, played his third annual Show on a Boat, which was expanded to four sold-out shows, two in Toronto and two in Ottawa. He also plans to release more music later this year. One of the biggest acts of his career is coming up very shortly as he gets to live out a childhood dream.

“Bluesfest is that festival that I dreamed of playing in high school. Hell, it was the festival I dreamed of playing last year... I remember watching the Foo Fighters on the main stage last year thinking to myself that one day I could be playing up on that stage. Didn't expect to get that offer a few months later though!”

You can catch Kyle Ivan playing the City Stage this year at Bluesfest Sunday, July 14th at 5:00 PM. For daily updates from Kyle you can follow him on instagram @thekyleivan or check out his website at

The Bad Kind - Kyle Ivan Willow Sound Records 2017 Video: Directed by Karim Ayari Assisted by Matthew Delaney Song: Produced by Borgers and Trevor Dubois
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