Mia Kelly - RBC Bluesfest 2019 Interview


Sunday July 14, 2019 - 5:00 PM - Barney Danson Theatre

Written by Matt Francis


Tele-Quebec’s “La Fabrique Culturelle as one of Quebec’s most promising emerging artists.” Such a descriptor would imply that Mia Kelly is relatively new to this, but music has been a part of her life since almost the very beginning.

“I have been singing for 10 years, and playing for five, since I was 11.”

For those doing the math, that’s right: Mia Kelly is only 16 years old. However, anyone listening to her debut EP “Cardboard Box” would know exactly what is meant by the saying “age is just a number.” Cardboard Box was released in February at the Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield, the perfect place for infectious and fun folk-rock to dance casually along the Gatineau River.

Using the release of Cardboard Box as a launching pad, Kelly as has already managed to have an action packed year, and the summer has barely begun. She travelled to India and Taiwan where she shot her first music video, was a semi-finalist in the Blues and Roots Song Writing Competition, and playing alongside with many Canadian and International artists. 

“This year, I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Canadian artists (Oh Suzanna, Joffre Charles, A Leverage For Mountains, Animal Noir) as well as Australian musician Tom West.”

It will be a busy summer for Kelly as she plays shows throughout the summer in Quebec and Ontario. It all kicks off at the Painted Lady in Toronto on July 6th, before she comes home for Bluesfest the following week.

“Playing Bluesfest is a huge and exciting opportunity. On the lineup poster my name is surrounded by inspiring artists I could only dream of not too long ago…”

Mia Kelly plays the Barney Danson Theatre on Sunday, July 14th from 5-6PM. Of course, she hopes to check out a few of her local favourites during the festival such as Moonfruits, Children Of Indigo, Montreal-based Charlotte Cardin, and lots more.

You can find Mia online at; www.miakellymusic.com as well facebook, twitter, and instagram @miakelly

Cardboard box Shot in India, Taiwan and a bunch of places in between, by Randy Kelly, on an old iPhone. Thank you Sara Ben Saud, Patrick Kaplin, Galen Kiva, Ravi Mishra, I-Hwa Cheng, Gurmeet Sapal, Sofia Duhaime, and many more we crossed paths with! STREAM: https://www.miakellymusic.com/music