Scary Bear Soundtrack - RBC Bluesfest 2019 Interview

Tuesday July 9, 2019 - 6:00 PM - Bluesville Stage

Written by Matt Francis


I’m just going to go ahead and say if you haven’t listened to Scary Bear Soundtrack yet, you’re a fool. Thankfully you can change that! Go ahead to their bandcamp and put on their new album, “boomerang kids,” seriously, it's the best. I was able to chat with the band’s lead singer, Gloria Guns recently.

Self described as “indie dream pop + synth pop + shoegaze,” Scary Bear Soundtrack have been hanging around Ottawa for almost a decade now, first getting together in 2010, and releasing their self-titled EP in 2012. They have been releasing music steadily since then, most recently “boomerang kids” this past March.

“The album was recorded in the 100+ year old Quyon church by Mike Dubue, and was the first album recorded at that church to be released on vinyl. It was also mastered by Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Phil Shaw Bova, with album design by Kyla Hidalgo (No Mistakes In Space), album photography by Mailyne Morena - all Ottawa artists.”

Along with releasing a new album, Scary Bear Soundtrack has had a very busy year including releasing a new video for their single “Pyongyang”, and welcoming many new members to their family.

“The band has had two babies, adopted two kittens, and finished the coursework for a (my) PhD, all this year. We've been busy!”

You can catch Scary Bear Soundtrack at Bluesfest on Tuesday, July 9th on the Bluesville Stage at 6PM. You shouldn’t be able to miss them!

“I also acquired this ridiculous yellow bodysuit some time ago and am looking forward to an opportunity to finally wear it on stage.”

Check them out on Instragram, Twitter, and Facebook @scarybearsoundtrack or at their website released March 30, 2019. buy the album here: Track Listing: 1. Investment Plan - 0:00 2. Burning Out - 4:37 3. Boomerang Kids - 9:08 4. Interlude - 13:24 5. Pyongyang - 15:34 6. Asian Fetishist - 21:36 7. Safe - 27:33 8.
from their newest album "boomerang kids" to be released on March 30, 2019 Get your pre-orders for (digital download & vinyl record) here: directed & produced by SDC Video ( puppetry by Grant Harding ( music recorded & mixed by Michael Dubue mastered by Grammy-nominated Philip Shaw Bova *~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Adam Moore